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Josh has exhibited high levels of technical competence and supported complex business requirements and integration efforts very well. He has a great work ethic and is always “Here For You” (a core La Quinta Value). He is dedicated and willing to give his 100% to the effort. We are very glad to have him on the team! Vivek Shaiva, Chief Information Officer, LQ Management, L.L.C.

 Since coming on board (and even before while working as a contractor) Joshua has been very instrumental in developing many items that have not only streamlined Salesforce but made it much more functional for the users. He has also made several enhancements that allow management to better understand how our sales agents are using Salesforce; which provides teaching opportunities. Most impressive is Joshua’s ability to listen to the business leaders and really understand their business process and then go behind the scenes in SF and make it happen. Bill Davis, Director of Marketing, Hilton Grand Vacations Company

“Working with Josh as a, developer, administrator and leader at Hilton Grand Vacations Club has been a great experience. The combination of technical knowledge/expertise and strong communication skills set him apart. He has a friendly and positive attitude makes him a pleasure to work with. As an integral part of HGVC’s CRM team it has been exciting to see how Josh’s development contributions (visualforce, apex and integration) have taken their implementation to the next level. He has proven to be a great asset!” Abe Pursell, Support Account Specialist,

“Joshua is thorough, detail-oriented and action oriented. Joshua examines the business needs and delivers a product that meets those needs. I have been very satisfied with the work he has accomplished.” Katey Mobley, Director of Projects, Hilton Grand Vacations

“While my interaction with Joshua was rather brief, it was very enlightening. I often post technical questions via Twitter. I had a question which was promptly answered by Josh. He offered to give me a call. When we started talking, Josh and I had a great exchange of information. I also picked up on the fact that Josh is a pretty talented person and involved with a lot of activities at work that exercise his skills. I hope we cross paths again, as it was a great opportunity to meet him and learn a few things.” Garry Polmateer, Product Manager, NimbleUser

“Josh is wonderful to work with. He has an in-depth understanding of application development, and a knack for conveying technical concepts to others in an easy-to-understand manner. He is dedicated and professional, but still a great deal of fun to work with.” Meagan Fisher, Web Designer,

“Joshua is the definition of high-achiever. He possesses amazing problem-solving abilities, communication skills and works well under pressure.” Marshall Sontag, Former IT Director,

“Josh was a pleasure to work with because he was the most knowledgeable person on his team. When presented with a new issue, he wasn’t just content with fixing the issue, but understanding the cause behind the problem and its resolution. He learns quickly, works great with his colleagues and exhibits great pride in what he does.” Kavita Ramoutar, Web Development Mgr, Wyndham Vacation Ownership

“Josh worked for me for several years and really helped to mature our team. His technical abilities allowed us to increase the level of support we provided the business which increased our customer satisfaction. Josh is an out of the box thinker who learns and creates at mind blowing speeds. A great addition to any organization.” Tremell Ollie, Sr. Manager, Information Technology, Wyndham Vacation Ownership

“Joshua Hoskins is a man who gets things done. Whenever I had a support issue that needed investigating, he not only took it on with enthusiasm, but followed through until the issue was resolved in its ENTIRETY. A rare quality in support personnel. He was clearly driven by Customer Service Excellence, and while I was an IT Consultant, just learning the corporate culture at Cendant TRG (now Wyndham VO), Joshua helped me navigate the sometimes tricky ropes, pointing me to the proper people to get my OWN job done. I welcome the opportunity to work with him again, especially now that he has moved on to more of a Programming role.” Eric Marden, IT Consultant, Wyndam Vaction Ownership (formerly Cendant Time Share Resort Group)

“Joshua was an incredibly gifted support technician during his time at WVO. His customer service skills were unmatched in his department. Joshua displayed great troubleshooting ability and a real sense of urgency in times of high severity issues. I would recommend him for any technical position.” Matthew Wygant, Senior Software Systems Engineer, Wyndham V.O., Inc.

“Joshua’s fierce intellect and strong problem solving ability allows him to diagnose problems and provide solutions quickly. His ability to learn quickly enables him to acquire new programming languages, procedures, and techniques with minimal training. He is able to generalize new learning and apply it to real world problems with minimal supervision. Joshua is also an experienced trainer who easily conveys his knowledge and experience to coworkers and subordinates.” Elise Hines, Help Desk Analyst/Technical Writer, Cendant Timeshare Resort Group

“Josh was a pleasure to work with. He always took his job seriously and made the extra effort to get things done. His general knowledge of the environments he supported saved a great deal of time when dealing with tough situations and allowed for very efficient operations.” Rob Ashdown, Senior Software Engineer, Wyndham VO

“Joshua has a very quick and sharp mind. He has a great desire to go above and beyond when trying to resolve issues. He is a fast learner and constantly seeks to increase his knowledge base. He is wonderful to work with.” Marsha Alfaro, Senior Programmer, Wyndham vacation Ownership

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