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Salesforce1 ELEVATE Dublin – SUCCESS!

Posted: 18th May 2014 by jhoskins in, user group

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of showing about ~30 people the power of during an ELEVATE Session in Dublin. Elevate sessions targeted at technologists of all skills/backgrounds and offer a chance to learn how to make work for you from A to Z, no prior experience needed. The entire day was focused on […]

Today, I had an awesome time presenting at the San Francisco Salesforce Non-Profit  User Group. My presentation and useful links are posted below – comments are welcome.   Useful Links: Campaign Implementation Guide Campaign Influence Video Import Call Lists into Salesforce (video) Campaign Summaries Salesforce Marketing 101 Campaign Combiner by GroundWire (video) Answers […]

The “Jennifer Phillips” aka @CRMjen, Former Boss while I was with Hilton, Orlando based Partner in Crime, Salesforce MVP and Friend explains how we met during a Community Session at Dreamforce 2012! Mrs. Smarty-pants, err. Jen is incredibility smart for hiring me back in 2009. The velocity between us is un-stoppable when we’re together. During visits to Orlando […]

Campaign Management for Non Profits

Posted: 1st August 2012 by jhoskins in, user group

Earlier this week I was asked to present to the Singapore Non Profit User Group on Campaign Management with SFDC. We had a great turn out for their forth meeting the session was well received and resulted in some 1:1 time with Jael at Halogen.

My Last #OSUG Meeting

Posted: 22nd July 2012 by jhoskins in, user group

I started leading the Orlando Salesforce User group back in 2009 when each meeting could easily fit around a office conference table. 3 Years ago we moved to Ikea and with 50+ attended we’ve outgrown the meeting place at IKEA! It’s been a absolute pleasure building the Salesforce Community in Orlando. Now that I’m headed […]

3rd Annual #DF2UFL is History

Posted: 1st April 2012 by jhoskins in user group

Hot Damn! as @CRMJen would say. #DF2UFL 2012 was a smashing hit thanks to help of all the Florida UG Leaders. A special shout out to Jennifer and Jackie for their help this year. It wouldn’t have happen with out you guys. The small even I thought of 3 years ago has taken a life of […]

One of the things I absolutely love about being a User Group Leader is being able to stay up to date on what’s going on in the community. During the time of our October Meeting Visual Workflow Cloud Designer wasn’t provisioned for all salesforce orgs so I committed to Demoing Visual Workflow at December Meeting, the slides […]

#OSUG – Winter ’12 Release Party

Posted: 12th October 2011 by jhoskins in, user group

It’s a party and you’re invited! Great turn out for October’s weekup where I showcased the top Winter ’12 features for the Sales, Service and Platform clouds. If you missed it the deck is available below, it was a jammed packed session!

Orlnado’s 1st Cloud Coder CoLab

Posted: 29th July 2011 by jhoskins in, user group

It’s typical for there to be a really god mix of Admin & Developers at our regular User Group Meetings but It’s a tough balance and no easy task to keep everyone engaged, if you get too technical you loose the admins, if you get too basic you loose developers. After much thought we decided […]

What a Weekend! Who knew that a small event @CRMjen and I created last year would double in size from one year to the next? At one of our last user group meetings prior to Dreamforce 2009 I surveyed the members who attended and asked who would be attending #DF09. I was disappointed at my […]