Hello San Francisco!

Posted: 24th November 2012 by jhoskins in career, personal

The title pretty much sums it up, but I’ll give you the reader’s digest version. In January ‘12 just as I was looking to relocate to the bay area, Appirio approached me with something better, an international assignment in Singapore! I arrived in Singapore late July, but just after Dreamforce Appirio decided that Singapore would no longer be a focus of business. Personally, I applaud Appirio for taking a chance and being uber pragmatic. I’m a huge fan of  “If something is not working out, re-adjust!” The leadership team was generous enough to give me some time to transition two big initiatives I started, The Singapore Salesforce User Group & Meet. Make. Mash. before returning to the US and I am very thankful for that and the effort put into making my return seamless.

My time in Singapore was nothing short of amazing, during my assignment I…

Special thanks to the SG Clan, Rob Smith, Kevin Wee, Esther Nai and The Halogen Foundation for being uber welcoming and open to executing my crazy ideas. I will miss all of you!

Just before arriving in SFO, I stopped off to visit Mom in Orlando followed by  a week in Puerto Vallarta for Fun with a little bit of work and now I’m headed to check the box on “Living in San Francisco,” I couldn’t be more excited.

  1. Johan says:

    Hi there, seems like you have a nice time in SG. But, unfortunately do not get chance to meetup with another salesforce.com geek.

    • jhoskins says:

      Hi Johan – I didn’t meet you, but I surrounded myself with plenty of Salesforce.com energy. In fact I re-launched the Singapore User Group while I was there! Question is where were you?

      • Johan says:

        hmm you just have time now :)
        Yeah, sadly I never know there is an SG user group revive months ago.
        May be that time I am too busy with work in bay area as well.