Hello Singapore!

Posted: 9th August 2012 by jhoskins in personal

All my life all I’ve ever wanted to do it live in a “REAL” city. You know a city with Public Transportation where people you don’t have to use a car or bus to get to work. For years I thought I’d end up in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Who knew it would be Singapore.Β Here it is… My 1st blog post from Singapore! It’s been just shy of 2 weeks since I landing and my overall experience has been great. I’m so humbled by the experience and opportunity Appirio has given me a shot at!


Week #2

  • Kicked off a Sexy Mobile Project
  • Moved into a Serviced Apartment while I wait for my lease on my apartment to be approved.
  • Applied for my Official Employment Pass


  • Singapore is Expensive
  • Residents are very friendly.
  • People here like to EAT & SHOP
  • It is possible to lock eyes with someone walking towards you 5 feet away and STILL manage to run into each other.
  • The Singapore Salesforce Community Needs a little TLC. #iAmOnIT