My former boss lady @CRMjen from Hilton Grand Vacations had the opportunity to speak at #DF10. Jennifer did a great job in summarizing the development we did and why we did it in the presentation  below.  While working with Jennifer as her Integrations Manager (Lead Developer) it was my job to figure out the “HOW” (How do all things we needed/wanted) and to execute the development efforts after collaborating with end-users, managers and the legal department. Watching this video brings back some very fond memories of creative #Friday brainstorming sessions. It’s very rewarding to see the work you’ve poured your heart, mind and soul into; demonstrated in front of a technical audience who really “GET” the meaning of CRM, Great Development and Contact Management.  All of the development/features wouldn’t be so slick with out great testers like Bill, Jordan, Andres, Brian, Gina & Yuko.